As an award winning composer and founder of Edmonton’s longest running organizers of underground bass music events and culture: Future Roots collective and YEGDNB - Dean Musani aka Phatcat is well known for his lifelong contributions to Canada’s music community. Exploring the balance between Jungle, Garage, Dub, Grime, and Techno are the hallmark of his sweat inducing sets, punctuated with a evolving stew of his own productions. His current "JungleTechno" live performance combines sample mangling, drum machines, synths and delays to create a completely original sound rooted in 90’s rave and jungle, acid house, dub, footwork and modern 808 bass music. Having just celebrated Future Roots' 12th anniversary, he is grinding nonstop in the studio towards multiple projects in 2018, including further development of his long format field recording project, ambient modular synth LP, more remixes for Inner City Dance, and growth of the Future Roots label!