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Alberta's answer to the Botique Festival Experience. Join us July 26th + 27th for an expression of music, art and yoga showcasing our favorites from around the world and Alberta.



Must Haves

-A quality tent or RV that can withstand the elements including heat, wind and rain.
-Rope and tarps for extra sun and rain protection.
-A high quality flashlight for finding your away around at night.
-Garbage bags for keeping your site clean and tidy. Remember: Pack out what you pack in.

The Basics

-Food and Drink (Vendor information announced May 2019)
-Shade Tent for your squad


-Decorations like solar powered lights
-Inflatable water toys for the river
-Gifts to share with your friends and neighbours

Setting Up Camp

General admission ticket holders have access to all campgrounds.

Arrive on site early for the best camping.

Campground A allows camping with your vehicle and functions as quiet camping.

In Campground B we limit a maximum of 100 vehicles for the comfort of our guests. Vehicles are subject to a $30 charge for access to Campground B (payable at the gate)

In both Campground A + B, RVs are subject to a $60 charge (payable at the gate)

Be advised we do not offer RV hook-ups

Consider The Following

-Do I want to be closer to the stages?
-Do I want a quieter campsite at night?
-Do I want my campsite to be secluded or in a more populated area?

Before You Arrive

-Get familiar with our site map.
-Communicate with your friends, so you can find each other.
-Talk to people who have been to the site before for tips and advice on camping.
-If you have room, we always encourage bringing a bicycle.

V E N D O R S & F O O D


Food and Artisan Vendor Applications are here. Vendor Info will be updated in May.

Water will be made avail free at locations around the site.

Borealis will also have it’s own General Store. Here you are able to purchase all the essentials you may have forgotten. Offerings include: Ear Plugs, Cigarettes, Coffee, Non-Alcoholic beverages, Snacks, Advil and Tampons.

Additionally, this will be the place to access our ATM and where you can buy ICE.