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Alberta's answer to the Botique Festival Experience. Join us July 26th + 27th for an expression of music, art and yoga showcasing our favorites from around the world and Alberta.



Borealis is a place to experience incredible music, visual art, and community in a beautiful and intimate dynamic living environment. Risk taking emerging artists, wild visuals, installations, and dance merge with technology and nature to provide Alberta’s answer to the boutique festival.

Curated with the intention of introducing you to the new, dynamic, and fantastic, we place emphasis on showcasing original electronic music, art, and live performance - so bring an open mind and allow us to expand it.

Environments are designed with care and schedules are programmed to evolve over the course of the weekend, so at all times there’s something for everybody. Quality sound is one of our top priority’s so each stage features a tribute to sound system culture built on equipment from the lab of the award-winning PK Sound.

Guests are invited to dress wild, be fabulous and contribute to the incredible vibe by exploring the many nooks and crannies of the amazing new festival grounds - Borealis would not be the same without the amazing core community of Alberta Art & Music Lovers!



Expanded and relocated to a gorgeous new campsite in Yellowhead County, Alberta on the banks of the clean and beautiful Pembina. With easy access to the running river to cool off in during the hot Alberta summer.

The new site is easily reachable from Calgary in under 4 hrs and only 1.5 to 2 hrs for residents of Edmonton, or Red Deer.

Borealis passes include parking and camping on the beautiful new site in either the spacious quiet and relaxed “Treble Clef” Campground, walk-in camping at the “Mid Range” or in the thick of the action in Bass Camp .

Free Drinking Water, Food & Beverage Vendors, ATM’s, and Medical, Security, and Harm Reduction personal are available 24/7 to keep the festival guests safe, secure, satisfied, and satiated!

We aim to keep Borealis an intimate and unforgettable experience and so we have limited the tickets available for the comfort of our guests.



Borealis is a boutique festival.

We have traveled the world and seen what it has to offer but no place has a vibe quite like our home here in amazing Alberta. Our mission is to hold space for the culture, vibe, and community we love and Borealis is our contribution to that culture and our gift to the Alberta community

Use your time at Borealis to explore Music, Art, Movement, Friendship, Kindness, Expression, Laughter, Joy, and even Quiet Reflection - all part of this amazing tapestry we can easily take for granted!

Borealis fosters a culture of love, light, truth, positivity, and creativity all who share our goals are kindred spirits no matter where you come from or what you look like!


Borealis 2018-2113.jpg

Art has often landed on the chopping block when it comes to public funding, education and even personal consumption but as art lovers we believe it’s something we cannot live without. The experience of being moved by captivating artwork is incomparable and at Borealis we support original artwork by funding the creation of new work via our Artist Development program.

In 2020 we will award over $2000 in bursaries to qualified artists and cannot wait to see how far we can take the program as we expand over the next several years.

Apply via our applications page.



After all that dancing, frolicking, and rough-n-tumble play it’s often a good idea to unwind your body and mind before you do it all again!

Borealis offers a selection of professional Yoga, Movement, and Meditation workshops on Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday Morning to keep you centered and strong for the day ahead.

Details and schedules will be updated closer to the event!



Borealis is an inclusive event inviting the free expression of all types of people and ideas. A culture of mutual respect is a fundamental part of the Borealis experience.  We ask that you treat others with the classical community based ideals of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect - in order to maintain a welcoming and comfortable environment for all festival attendees. Provocative dress is common and we ask that you remain respectful and give other attendees the benefit of the doubt and that they do not intend to harm.

We do not tolerate any kind of violent or harassing behavior, and invite you to resolve any issues with kind conversation, or feel free to flag down a member of festival staff or security if you don't feel comfortable doing so.



Respect and care for one another. Borealis has no tolerance for theft, vandalism, violence, sexual harassment, criminal behaviours, aggressive behaviour, or social harassment of other guests via negative comments and actions. If you see something, we ask that you find one of our staff, security, medical, or harm reduction teams. If you witness prohibited behaviour or are concerned for the safety of someone else, check in with that person or let others know. Be aware of your physical, mental, and emotional boundaries. If you are uncomfortable with something you see or hear, we suggest removing yourself from the situation and visiting the harm reduction tent to re-centre.

Know your limits. Drugs and alcohol can affect yours and others’ behaviours and decisions. Be aware of the impacts of your own behaviour and take responsibility for what you say and do.


Borealis 2018-1875.jpg

We understand that despite our restrictions and gate policies, and the inherent dangers of illicit drug use, adults may still make their own decisions to use these substances and/or alcohol. With this in mind, we take a proactive approach to harm reduction with our partners at Indigo Harm Reduction.

We encourage attendees to take good care of their minds and bodies over the course of the weekend.  Festivals are not a race to the finish line, pace yourself. Drink lots of H20, and check on your friends and fam too. Be that friend that brought extra necessities like sunscreen, and healthy snacks to share.  Offer to help if you see some one in need.

If you ever feel the need for assistance or questions, please visit the Indigo Harm Reduction tent on site.

Click Here for more info on Harm Reduction at Borealis



 The spaces we gather to celebrate art, life, and music are sacred places that receive a great deal of impact from our human activity.  Teams of volunteers and staff work hard to clean up the grounds every morning during quiet hours.

Garbage disposal bins are provided around site for use and larger bins at the exits for camp waste.

Guests are asked to give thanks, love, and respect to the land and community and remember to LEAVE NO TRACE, this includes the smallest items like cigarette butts and small plastics.

Here are some ideas to help you do your part throughout the weekend. Planning ahead and preparing is the most important way to get you there. Before you leave for the fest scan our site for updates, and make sure you’ve read our FAQ!

  • plan costumes that won’t shed any debris or glitter

  • use solar powered lights, use solar charging stations

  • morning trash sweep - take a few seconds to tidy your camp after you brush your teeth

  • use bungees and straps to hang camp decorations - no nailing into trees

  • do not trample or cut down areas that are not open to camp in, the plant and animal ecosystem depend on us treating it with respect

  • not every food vendor will provide eating utensils so we suggest bringing your own

  • make sure to use eco friendly soap for dishes, do not use any soap in the Pembina River

  • plan simple meals that leave little waste, snacks too

  • dispose of your garbage on the way out

Thank You from Borealis Festival, Yellowhead County, and the Rangeton Society for practicing these Leave No Trace principles.

Have Fun. Be Safe. Leave No Trace.

We respectfully acknowledge that the landS on which we gather ARE the traditional meeting places of many First Nations peoples including Cree, Saulteaux, Blackfoot, and Nakota Sioux peoples, as well as Métis people. May we be mindful, and respectful of this land’s history and stand in solidarity with First Nations and Métis peoples.