Marissa Kuchelyma

“Orientation” : align with the spirit of the land through meditation

“Journey into Silence” : enter the infinite space beyond sound through meditation

Beyond your body, beyond your mind, lies the very essence of who you are. When we access higher states of consciousness through meditation we open the doorway to the innate intelligence of the heart, and the very nature of our brain chemistry is altered. Our cognition and habituated perception changes, the experience of time slows, and the boundaries between self and other become blurred. We see novel ways of being, beyond our fears and self imposed limitations, enhancing our ability to problem solve and heal ourselves. Immersed in this practice of presence we are gifted a glimpse into infinity — the unified quantum field — of unlimited possibilities and potential realities. This multiverse exists beyond our senses, and as such can only be experienced by pure awareness. The only limit is your imagination. Who are you? Who do you want to be? Loose yourself in nothing to become everything.

Marissa’s Bio

With a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology, Marissa loves connecting science with spirit, merging the seen and unseen realms. For over 13 years she has researched the esoteric and occult, and experimented with multiple modalities of accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness. Falling deeply in love with the practice of meditation she completed her 200HR teacher training in 2017, in addition to psychedelic crisis support training and spiritual emergence coach training. Intrigued by the similarities of the effects of psilocybin, marijuana, nature, music, and meditation on the mind, body and spirit, Marissa founded Highly Guided - leading elevated explorations of pathways to your highest self in Canmore, AB, home base for this mountain mermaid.