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Whether Jake is writing music or designing a performance, he has one goal: to transport listeners through a journey of different tempos, styles and emotions of completely original music. Over the last decade, Jake’s sound has evolved as he blended and expanded on the genres that inspire him. His deep understanding of the cultural roots of his musical influences -  drum and bass, jungle and footwork - is reflected in the respect he gives to the genre’s past even as he shapes its future sounds. As a producer, Jake’s work incorporates uplifting melodies, dynamic soundscapes and strong, progressive songwriting. Jake has released music on RAM Records ProgRam imprint, Muti Music, Really Good Recordings, Machinist Music, Future Roots and Adapted. He is continually working on new material to to surprise audiences at his live performances. Currently, Jake is putting the finishing touches on his next EPs. Always in the studio and collaborating, you can expect a steady stream of new music forthcoming from Jake Robertz.