Quickly establishing herself as a leading force within the Canadian drum and bass scene; Wadjit’s name has become synonymous with quality, whether it’s her technical mixing ability, her crisp taste in tunes or her relentless pursuit of elevating the status of the drum and bass culture.

Starting in her home town of Edmonton, Wadjit quickly became a resident of the globally recognized drum and bass radio station Bassdrive.com while listing clubs like Y Afterhours, Starlite and Level2 as residencies on her resume. Complete a drive to book and promote quality shows as well as preform, Wadjit's presence and imprint on the Canadian music scene is unmistakable. Gaining further notoriety, Wadjit is working with the renown 403 DNB collective in Calgary and is recognized by her quick mixing, her fierce selections and unmistakable stage presence.

Wadjit has seen the impact of her work worldwide and has been crossing international waters for events such as Sun and Bass (Italy), and has toured in Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Upon her return, she's turned her focus back to the Canadian scenes and has been seen at several local festivals such as Shambhala, Astral Harvest, Motion Notion, to mention just a few.

Ever evolving and exploring, Wadjit thrives on building the blends of dark driving basslines, crisp amens and rolling energy through her dance floor bringing the crowd to the cusp of a frenzy ready to bring the rafters down.