Thank you for your interest in applying to be a Borealis 2019 Volunteer

Applications close JuLY 1

Borealis Festival creates unique opportunities for people to interact with music, art, nature and each other. Volunteering is an incredible way to dive deeper into the festival culture, expanding your skills and making new friends as you create the experience with us.

Please Note: Completed Volunteer Applications do not guarantee a position. Only Successful applicants will be contacted with a Deposit request and Volunteer contract which will outline their specific commitment.


14 Hours: If you are working during the festival only (Noon Friday July 26 - Noon Sunday July 28)

21 Hours: If you are working during pre-show or post-show, (Noon June 24rd - Midnight July 25 / Noon Sunday July 28 - Noon Tuesday July 30)

Equipment Trade: If you are providing specialized equipment or vehicles to the festival


A $100 volunteer deposit may be required to process your application upon acceptance if you have not volunteered with us before. The Deposit is refundable upon completion of your volunteer contributions.

Please ensure you are available for the tasks described in your application. Successful applicants will be sent a deposit link and asked to confirm, as changes to availability cannot be accepted once your Deposit and your application have been processed.


The Deposit protects the festival if a volunteer cancels or does not show up to their shifts. If for some reason you need to cancel before July 5th, you are responsible for finding another volunteer who is available for the exact same shifts and qualified for the teams you selected. The replacement must be approved in advance by the volunteer coordinator. Alternatively, if there is a medical or work emergency, please provide a doctor’s note or letter from your employer to receive a refund of your Deposit. Any cancellations after July 5th, are non-transferable and Deposits will be non-refundable.

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