Calgary-based producer Ting is a product of the Western Canadian bass scene, a culture known for taking bass-heavy genres and supercharging them with volatile and unhinged block- shaking sound design.

As such, Ting’s music is an adventure through genres like classic dubstep, grime, trap and riddim - a coming together of United Kingdom sound system culture with the sludgiest atmospheres of the North American underground.

It was Calgary’s dubstep scene at the turn of the decade that gave Ting his insatiable thirst for bass music. He began attending shows religiously just as the genre was beginning to establish itself in North America, and became ingrained in the community and its rapidly growing culture. He vowed to one day make music of his own that could cross international borders the way the original icons did.

After spending close to a decade DJing under various aliases, Ting debuted last year with “Jelly Doughnuts,” a free single released on Calgary-based label Noctilux Collective. He then followed it up with his sophomore Noctilux release “Frig,” and the DoYu Collective release “Get It.”

Together these singles have seen support from artists like Khiva, Greazus, and Pigeon Hole. Since his debut Ting has also shared the stage with Zeke Beats, Um.., and the roster of The Hifi Club’s locally celebrated “New Wave” night.

Ting is on his way to fulfilling his goal of satisfying international fans of the culture that’s captivated him for the past decade, and in doing so he’s swept everyone within range of the subwoofers along on a thrill ride to bass music’s most untamed frontiers.