TARIQ is a 22 year old multi-genre DJ & MC based out of Edmonton, AB. Through his hustle, Tariq represents and supports a number of sounds in the local electronic music community. His eclectic tastes range from house & techno, to hip-hop, and through the spectrum of bass music. His versatility and persistent digging for tunes enables him to seamlessly blend through a variety of styles and play any setting and any time. Tariq’s sound is raw, underground, and forward thinking, yet with an old school feel that pays homage to the roots. Currently, Tariq’s main focus has been the sounds of dub, grime, hip-hop, halftime, footwork/future jungle, DnB, and psychadelic electronica. His style bridges the gap between hip-hop and electronic, and it all really ties together as he laces his sets with his signature hip-hop bars on the MC front. Tariq has been writing and freestyling rhymes since high school and has been cutting his teeth as a DnB MC around Edmonton. His live show incorporates both of his musical talents into a memorable and thought-provoking exploration through various soundscapes, energy peaks and emotions.

Being born in Dubai, and raised in the multi-cultural city of Toronto, Tariq’s early musical influences have included: traditional Arabic music, metal, hip hop, and Caribbean music. Tariq has always been surrounded by various cultures, and takes a lesson from each experience and relationship that comes. Hip-hop became his first true love as he developed his flow and lyricism through freestyling, writing, and competing in MC battles. While he was always intrigued by the electronic music realm, it wasn’t until his exposure to the live electronic scene and seeing the music in context where he began to dig deeper. Not long after, Tariq discovered the underground sounds of house and techno and learned all he could on the art of DJing. He first started playing at the Chvrch of John, playing several local house nights along side veteran local and international DJs.

Tariq had expanded and began playing the club and bar circuit, frequenting at places such the Black Dog and Cactus Club, and further developing his versatility. He had learned to play to diverse crowd types, and seamlessly weave his way through hip-hop, house, latin, funk, and basically any sounds that intrigued him and could cater to a diverse crowd. His ability to navigate through BPMs and moods while keeping a clear flow and motive is what took his DJing to the next level and furthered his artistry. His next level up came from an important inspiration from his festival experiences—the discovery of Drum & Bass.

Tariq’s entry into the festival scene was paralleled with the recent explosion of DnB/Jungle music in Western Canada, and he instantly fell in love. It was the combination of the technicality that was reminiscent of his metal days, the soul and raw energy that he felt from hip hop, and the honest groove of house that made him feel at home. It also brought him the realization of combining his MC roots as he had now found a genre where vocals were prominent live and in the studio. He became obsessed, and eagerly studied all he could on the history, culture, and roots of sound system music.

He soon joined the reputable Future Roots/YEGDNB crew as their live MC after his continued support and proving his lyrical talent. He currently supports the crew as well as performs as a DJ and as an MC for their esteemed Sunday School and Night School parties, as well as headliner shows. As he began to build his reputation, his primetime performance at Borealis Music Festival alongside his partner in crime DJ Arson had further fuelled his confidence and his hunger to express his music. His gigging, coupled with his further exploration and expansion bass music network had paved a way for him in music that had a fire he had never felt before. His persistent digging for music had given him clarity on his sound and the direction of his artistry, as his goal of bridging hip-hop and electronic music was closer to becoming realized. His integration into the sound system community had further inspired him to improve his technical skills on both the DJ and MC fronts. Tariq can be seen ripping 3 decks, and double-dropping, cutting, and seamlessly blending over any DJ gear. His versatility transcends in his MCing, with his ability to write or freestyle on any tempo with countless different flows.

Tariq is truly a one-of-a-kind performer, showcasing raw skills and passion with his simultaneous vocal and sonic expression. His desire to constantly grow and improve, while constantly being influenced by new sounds keeps him fresh and unique. His vision is to expand the reach of bass music through diversity and incorporating a familiar human element. It is his talent, drive, and passion that will take him to the next level as he continues with his journey with live performance, production, and songwriting. More importantly, his love for the culture and the community makes his mission bigger than himself, as he works to cultivate his own niche within the ever expanding bass music scene.