Spilt MIlk

Vancouver's Spiltmilk, aka Trevor Wyatt, is madly passionate about sound, and he has surely been there to deliver the funkiest unique music possible in any style of house, disco, funk or hip hop.

In the last 3-4 years, Spiltmilk has brought forward his own new project MSLX Recordings which releases on 7 inch vinyl on MSLX Recordings and digital MSLX Black label. MSLX has released over 20 releases and over 10 7 inch vinyl records. As a producer, he has previously released on labels including Royal Soul BR, Super Hi Fi US, Nudiscool BR, OCD Records UK, and released a few with Neighbour on Homebreakin Records. Recently in 2017-18, Spiltmilk produced Canada's freshest new feminist rapper 'cozy' and they dropped their well charted album 'Ladystough' in 2018 on MSLX Recordings. Looking forward to the Summer of 2019, he will start to release singles from his 2nd ‘Spiltmilk’ album, a collection of slo-mo house, and west coast flavoured future funk tracks!

Upcoming releases 2019:

Kojake - Kojake forever - Spiltmilk remixes

Spiltmilk & Gustavo FK - Black is Back remixes

Spiltmilk feat cozy - Gotta have the Funk 7 inch vinyl

Spiltmilk album - fall 2019