Manchester wordsmith, Skittles, drops ‘Poor on Purpose’ this month. His third album since he started releasing music in 2007. ‘Poor on Purpose’ is an eclectic thirteen track album with the beats, the lyrics, song titles, production, mixing and mastering, videos and promotion done by the virtuoso himself. The album will be available to purchase on vinyl, CD and Bandcamp.

Since his last album release in 2012, Skittles has been playing across the country and beyond with his crew Levelz - the 14-strong collective of multitalented individuals – spreading the Manchester name far and wide. Alongside this, Skittles has been sending subtle hints of this album with the release of singles through his label ProPaTop, Manchester’s first MC lead label, in addition to releases with Levelz.

Skittles speaks of the release: “This is my best album yet, I can’t believe the buzz that’s around it already - it’s mad! It’s always important for me to keep things Manchester based as much as possible, so the album has collaborations with Manchester artists, and my videos and production is produced all around Manchester. I hope for it to shine a light on this great city once again and push people to move forward in the word game, communication is key on this planet and we’re generally pretty bad at it.”

‘Poor on Purpose’ sees collective consciousness with tracks featuring fellow Manchester artists Fox, Truthos Mufasa and DRS. As well as additional mix work and acoustics by Metrodome, George Ovens, Frisko, Fireman Sam, Chimpo, Jonny Dub, Leadbelly, and Bricky T Mortar. All Manchester based, of course. The album encompasses sonics from all across the spectrum from jazz riffs to dragged-out basslines, songs of pure silliness to classic tunes.

For example, ‘Badman Na Drink Milkshake with No Straw’ is a song featuring Fox, which is based on a story from a recent road trip where Fox refused to drink a milkshake without a straw. A bit of banter between two pals that turned out to make a stellar tune. Whereas ‘Promlematic’ is more of a classic tune which embraces a sweet jazz melody that you picture to be played within a café in Moss Side.

Artwork on the album is done by Skittles, wishing for something more physical in our modern world of virtuality, the album comes in a wooden box both CD and vinyl size. With lithographed autographs and song titles, in Skittles’ handwriting. These are available to purchase from his website. Digital copies are also available with unlimited streaming through the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

This release is certainly set to surge the underground music scene.

All information for purchases and downloads can be located on Skittles’ website