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Mikka Corbeil

Partner Massage with Reiki

Ground yourself and connect to the source energy; Heal yourself and others. In the first half of this semi hands-on conference, you will learn some history of healing energy work, the basics of energy work, and then you will take part in a guided grounding meditation. I will explain how we can all connect to divine energy at any time and utilize it to bring balance to our lives. I will also touch on the history of energy work, and it's modern uses today. This conference is suitable for people completely new to the subject and is welcome to all. In the second half of this workshop, you will learn gentle, relaxing, and stress releasing massage techniques; perfect for staying relaxed and pain-free during the festival! You will also be learning how to use energy along with massage to help reduce anxiety and pain. I will be demonstrating these techniques on an assistant, then you will be practicing them yourselves on your partner for 15 minutes, then switching. I will answer any questions you have and will check in individually with everyone there. I will also be teaching a breathing technique to take home with you that will help you relax, bring down your heart rate, calm panic attacks, and help you get to sleep quickly. You can expect to feel grounded, relaxed, and energized after taking part in this conference, as well as bringing usable skills back with you. This program is suitable for couples, friends, groups, and people of all ages. We will be going over safety with energy work and massage, and with that, consent. This is an LGBTTQI+ friendly space and is a body positive, judgment-free zone. I will have herbal tea to share and vegan snacks, along with grapeseed massage oil. I will have some blankets, towels, and cups to lend out but they will be limited, so if you can, bring your own! I greatly look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the joys and peace of energy work with massage!

Mikka’s Bio

Since my earliest memory, I have had a deep connection to energies and a non-stop fascination with the spiritual world. In the last few years, I have made it my goal to educate myself on light work and learn how to direct these helpful energies. I have been practicing Reiki for over 7 years, and graduated in 2012 from Massage Therapy at CDI college, and have been incorporating energy work with massage ever since. I teach and facilitate (non-spiritual) courses professionally, and am beginning to make the transition to using these skills in a more meaningful way. My passion is discovering the unseen wonders of the universe, exploring consciousness, and discovering different modalities of healing. I will continue on my path of education and discovery with my only hope being to pass on the helpful things I've learned. May peace and the light guide you on your path, Mikka Corbeil