Method Sound is a sojourner of two cities, splitting his time between Calgary and Edmonton. Here, bass music culture thrives; welcoming his moody and patient productions that push dance floors and sink deep into the psyche. Influenced by the atmospheric dub sound of King Tubby and the sprawling environments created by Boards of Canada. His attention to sound design is evidence of these guides, creating scapes that capture spatial textures and auditory vistas.

Having recently jointed the Sub Chakra crew his attention has pointed to hosting their new biweekly show on SUBFM. Where bass matters.

His passion and work is defined by sound. While away from the studio, Method Sound can be seen on location recording audio in Alberta’s burgeoning film industry, putting his formal education in audio engineering to work.

He makes up a half of the duo Half Normal that boasts releases on Aufect Recordings, Lifted Contingency, Abysmal Entities and Noctilux. However, his focus as a solo artist has sharpened, branching out in his own right with unreleased tunes ready to encompass listeners wherever they find themselves