Calgary-based techno artist Mark Adam carries an identity that’s rooted in showmanship, the classic foundations of electronic music, and DIY culture.

Stylistically, Mark Adam’s music draws inspiration from the pillars that gave birth to modern dance music -Chicago house, Detroit techno, and garage. The fusion of modern techno’s minimalist soundscapes with these classic elements have characterized the over half-a-dozen label and promotional releases in his repertoire, giving them an unmistakable signature atmosphere.

The sense of innovation found in his original productions are also found in his live performances, which are created by weaving together loops and song components using a combination of hardware and production software. This, in turn, has given his sets a level of depth and complexity that has caught the attention of institutions known for displaying high calibre artistry, such as Electric Sky Festival, Alberta Electronic Music Festival, and Sled Island Festival.

Mark Adam has also become instrumental in creating a platform for avant-garde dance music within Calgary. As a co-curator of the monthly showcase “Render,” he’s departed from convention and helped to redefine the notion of what’s possible in a club environment. Each edition features DJs that push the limits of experimentation, channeling emerging branches of house and techno from across the globe in the process. While Render showcases sounds from across the globe, Mark Adam’s DIY record label “Recovery Mode” is simultaneously bringing the artists of Western Canada to international audiences. Since launching last year the label’s catalogue has amassed nine releases, including Mark Adam’s cassette tape release “RM07.” Featuring handmade individually numbered inserts, the release sold units throughout Canada and the United States.

In addition to Recovery Mode, Mark Adam has also had releases on Techno.Black, VRNT, MAGNETASKOPE, Re:Define, Substation Recordings, Angry Rabbit Records, and Ten Speed Audio. From his early days operating net labels on Soundcloud, those who have followed Mark Adam have come to expect nothing less than the embodiment of techno’s defiance and staunch futurism