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Linda Quan

Imperfectly Perfect

This Yoga Class is all about the essence of balance. The class starts off with a steady practice synchronizing movement with breath, and heart with lungs. At the beginning of your practice your teacher will guide you through an intuitive sequence with a primary focus on generating heat from within, sun salutation, a bit of balancing and heart opening asana. Once focus, you transform into a divine surrender of restorative yoga along with inversions to restore your mind, body and soul after a long night of dancing. All levels welcome.

Lindas’s Bio

Linda luckily stumbled upon yoga about 6 years ago. As a young lady she had always loved any kind of physical movement related activities. Yoga was something that she was solely just curious about, after her very first month of hot yoga practice, she decided to yoga studio hop to diverse her practice in many different yoga practices, varying in different types and styles. Through yoga she has gain clarity. Her passion to share this lifestyle and practice bloomed. With a deep urge she flew across the ocean to the origin of yoga, India. Every single day for the next two months, Linda immersed herself in the culture, the belief, and the Science of Yoga. Through talented Gurus and profound lessons, she completed her 200 hours Yoga Teach Training Program with Himalayan Yoga Valley and is fully certified with International Yoga Alliances. Yoga has given Linda a still space to allow the mind to be, as it needs to be and she is passionate to share with you.