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Hatha Flow: Discover Your Element with Deanna Baron

11:30AM - 12:30PM - SATURDAY

After a night of music and dancing, join Deanna for a Hatha flow practice. This creative and expressive yoga flow will integrate the five elements for a blissful yoga practice: air (movement, expansion), fire, (inspiration, transformation), water (fluidity, adaptability) and earth (grounding, connection).  This combination of the elements in practice will leave you refreshed and energized.


“Music brings people together.  So my function in anything I do is to bring people closer in.”
- Gord Downie
Yoga brings people together too, Deanna is honoured to be teaching at the Borealis Festival because it combines all of her passions: yoga, music and travel.  As an extensively trained yogini, with over 1000RYT, you can usually find her teaching students how to intelligently move their bodies at Moksha Yoga Sherwood Park or educating Kinesiology students at the University of Alberta.  When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, you’ll find her listening to music and planning her next adventure. Deanna is looking forward to helping you get downward dog before you get down, so come join her for some time on the mat.