KR Dub is somewhat of a new name in the Calgary bass music scene, but the aspiring, young DJ / Producer is diving head first into the deep end and has already started to make an impression. Kyle Webb, 26, a local Calgarian, made his musical progression through classic rock & metal into hip-hop in his high school years, but when he discovered the immense realm of electronic music, he was immediately enthralled. 

Since joining the Calgary based music collective The Supreme Hustle, he has experienced anything but modest beginnings. Initially, his penchant for the deep, low end, technical end of drum and bass, coupled with his rapid absorption of the mechanics of mixing resulted in some stellar initial mix-tapes, which garnered immediate attention. His first live set was opening for none other than DNB legend S.P.Y. 

Since that high-profile debut, he is continuing to build steam, improving daily & constantly building on his diverse and expansive music library. This has resulted in a number of bookings over the past couple couple years, where he's been able to lend his skills behind the decks to opening slots for artists from a variety of different genres, including Shades, Ivy Lab, Chimpo, Dub Phizix & Strategy, Zeke Beats, Bleep Bloop, Truth, Biome, & DJ Hatcha, as well as DJing a set for the UK Grime Artist D Double E. He has also already taken his skills beyond our city’s borders, playing shows in Edmonton and Medicine Hat, festivals in Alberta and British Columbia, and even a radio show for the mighty Bloc2Bloc crew while visiting Manchester in the UK.

A devout fan of the Liverpool FC, Webb’s musical inklings are bent closer to the mighty Manchester influence, and his passion for that sound can be heard in his most popular mix, which is comprised entirely of tracks from that city. He demonstrates an impressive ability to deftly maneuver around BPMs, and showcase multiple genres of bass music. 

If his first couple years stepping into the scene is any indication of what’s to come, the future is bright for Calgary’s new sound boy. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for upcoming live performances, mixes & productions.