Gabriel Turner AKA Kinflorien is an artist who creates music that reflects a modern rendering of the human condition; a complex whole that comprises a vast myriad of emotions, stories and environments. Drawing from an expansive well of experience and techniques, he is known for his ability to weave together a beautiful selection of carefully crafted sounds.

Growing up, Turner played guitar in numerous bands and dabbled with drums, keys, and any other instrument that presented itself to him. His musical tastes ran the gamut from metal, emo, punk & hardcore to acoustic music and jazz. When he was first introduced electronic music, he was catapulted down an inescapable rabbit hole - in which he still explores.

Gabriel’s particular catalyst to the extensive universe of electronic music began with the game-changing, globally influential release of Caspa and Rusko’s Fabriclive.37. The burgeoning advent of the new sound of dubstep shook the very bedrock of the electronic community and sparked a profound change for this evolving musician.

The influence of old-school dubstep is indeed evident in the work of Kinflorien, but he is anything but limited to one style of production. In his pursuit of forging sounds that resemble deep emotional states while still exuding moments of hype and euphoria, his sound is a perfect balance of the earthly and mystical.