Edmonton home grown, Killups has been around for a minute.
He got an early start hitting up clubs in the early 2000's when he was old enough to, soon after getting his hands on the decks. Killups found himself working his way up through the scene to get gigs for himself. After years of residencies throughout the city he was scooped up by a promotions company who brought some heavy hitters and thrown some massive events. Over the years Killups has shared the stage with almost every Arist you can name that rolled through western Canada! In the beginning he came from trance and house roots, most of the events he was playing at it was mostly electro house he was serving to the crowd. In 2015 after years of finding his sound he had an epiphany and realized this was not who he really was. Flowing through his veins was drum and bass, Killups was welcomed into a whole new family. YEG DNB was where he finally found what he was meant to do. Since then he has been throwing down everything drum and bass from liquid to neuro to jump up and everything in between. Collaborating with some serious talent in western canada Killups has finally found himself creating his own sound and is ready for the world to hear him, and hear his message through drum and bass. Join him as he pours his heart out through the speakers.