Kent Kobylka

Intro to Stage: Viewpoints Creation

The aim of the Viewpoints is to create theatrical movement scores from nothing. Viewpoints is a foundational theatrical discipline which informs nearly all onstage performance. In this workshop, participants will be lead through the basic movement tenants, ensemble thinking, and devised creation. This will involve: specificity of movement within metaphoric constraints, bodily thinking, impulse trust, group trust, intution check in, and the joy of creating art under exquisite pressure.

Kent’s Bio

Kent Kobylka is a theatre artist, clown performer, future secondary educator, and co-creator of CanPlay Arts Collective. Just completing his 4th of 5 years in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education Combined Degree, with a Drama major at the University of Alberta; Kent has been practicing theatre for a decade, directing, acting, and clowning across over 25 different productions.