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Enter the Infinite: Crossing the Quantum Bridge through Meditation with Marissa Kuchelyma


"We make real that to which we pay attention" - Neale Donald Walsch

In our everyday sensory based three-dimensional reality, everything that exists is made up of people, objects, places and time. A universe where space is infinite and eternal. This version of reality, or space-time, is based on knowns, measurable phenomena and predictable outcomes. Here we spend most of our time focusing our attention externally: on becoming some one, being some body, going some where, and experiencing some thing in some time. It is this sense of separation, between where we are and where we want to be, that creates the experience of time - of past, present and future. During this meditation practice we will cross the quantum bridge, transcending the illusion of duality into the reality of oneness.

By turning our attention to the inner world of energy, vibration, frequency and consciousness we go beyond the self: from the consciousness of some one to no one, some body to no body, some where to no where, some thing to no thing, from being in some time to no time. In this version of reality there is no separation between two points of consciousness. It is the unified quantum field of energy. Time is infinite as everything is happening in the eternal present moment - unlimited possibilities, potential realities and unknowns occurring all at once - this is the multiverse. It exists beyond your senses, experienced by pure awareness, where the only limit is your imagination. Enter the infinite. Lose yourself in nothing to become everything.