Arson is a bass music DJ/producer who has been quickly making waves his hometown Edmonton, AB. Being a staple member of the reputable crew's Future Roots, YEGDNB and Funk Bunker, as well as Infinite Sounds (Medicine Hat/Calgary) he has been an ambassador in modern sound system music and culture. He does this through his head turning sets where he weaves through multiple genres and styles, all the while keeping it fresh and underground. Arson plays the best of drum & bass, jungle, footwork, dub, grime, and other styles of left field bass music.

Arson had started his journey as a musician in metal, having played drums and bass guitar in several local bands. Always on the lookout for inspiring sounds, Arson had discovered electronic music and become immediately inspired.  With his drumming background, Arson found his home in Jungle. The heavy and dark soundscapes and chopped drum breaks were reminiscent of the technicality and atmosphere of metal. Once he integrated himself with the live show and festival scene he eagerly began absorbing the culture and had an earnest drive to learn what there was to know about the history of jungle, drum and bass, and sound system culture as a whole. 

In more recent years, further exploration into the underground led him to footwork, juke, garage, grime, and deep dubstep, paving the way for his signature versatile sound. As Sam Binga (one of his biggest influences) has mentioned: "Drum & bass became so almost perfected that there became space for people to come along and do it wrongly." His thirst to learn and constantly evolve, while paying respects to his roots is what makes him a standout DJ amongst his peers. This also applies to his mixing skills, a craft he constantly develops and improves on. Arson is well known for his dynamic and quick drop mixing as well as impeccable--and rude as hell--double drop mixdowns. His technicality in his mixing has also made him a favourite for local MC's in the city.

On the live front, Arson has opened for the likes of Chimpo, Sam Binga, Sinistarr, Shield, Fixate, Doctor Jeep, Spectrasoul, Ray Keith, Serial Killaz, Dave Owen and Original Sin just to name a few. Moreover, he has ingrained himself as a key member of Edmonton’s drum and bass community with contributions to the planning of Future Roots events and YEGDNB’s highly esteemed summer patio party, Sunday School. Arson’s main focus is to help build the already vibrant and cultured music community in Edmonton, and continue to shine light on the left field of dance music. He hopes to inspire that same thirst that brought him his life's purpose to the newer generations of artists and music fans.